Hanshin Chairman sincerely cares about Vietnamese

“All the that are derived from my sincere personal sentiments. Seeing them studying hard in foreign country has been touching with me,” said Mr. Choi emotionally.

Continuously for seven years, Hanshin Construction Co., has been funding for monthly and quarterly activities of Vietnames Students in Korea Association to maintain the site http://www.vsak.vn as a bridge conneting Vietnamese students studying around the country of kimchi.


Everyear Hanshin have actively organize and financed for the Vietnamese Students in Korea Day and the Annual Meeting of Vietnamese Students in Korea.


However, Mr. Choi Yong-sun, Chairman of Hanshin Construction Company thought that he and the company could still do more. “All the that are derived from my sincere personal sentiments. Seeing them studying hard in foreign country has been touching with me,” said Mr. Choi emotionally.


In the afternoon of 25th of February, the Sixth Annual Meeting of Vietnamese Students in Korea would be held in Hanoi. On this occasion, Vietnam+ has had an interview with Mr. Choi Yong-sun.


- The Annual Meeting of Vietnamese Students in Korea has become an annual activity of Hanshin. Could you tell us about the purpose and significance of this activity?

Mr. Choi Yong-sun: First of all, I have to confirm that this work comes entirely from personal feelings and is not related to business activities of the company.


As a businessman, I have been in Vietnam many times to implement my projects. I realizes that Vietnameses has many similarities with Koreans in national charateristics such as diligence, hard-working, hospitality, respectation for the family and the elders, and respectation for morality. With that emotional intimacy, thanks to the Vietnam Ambassador in Korea, Mr. Pham Tien Van, I have had the opportunity to meet Vietnamese students studying in Korea.


Seeing them trying hard studying overseas, I was very touching. I wanted to help them and thought, if on the occasion of Independence Day of Vietnam, we can gather them together to just give them a space to encourage, to comfort each other through the emptiness and difficulties away from home, to share their hope on the future of the country, that would be very helpful. The Vietnamese Students in Korea Day had begun like that.


- What is the most touching memories with you in these meetings?

Mr. Choi Yong-sun: In 2005, when the Vietnamese Students in Korea Association was first established, is had just about 500 members. After seven years, now this number has risen to about 5.000 students. Therefore, we are constantly trying to expand the support for the operating expenses of the association.


The supports have helped the association activities more systematically held, they are sharing to strive together. I find this job really meaningful.


On the other hand, I feel happier when the connection does not stop in Korea, it is continued further in Vietnam. I was very touching when there were Vietnamese students coming to see me, say hello, smile with me and exchange a warm handshake even on an airplane, though I did not remember who they were. That helps me confirming once again that our efforts was not useless but really helpful.


- Entering Vietnamese market since 2004, what is the activities of Hanshin in Vietnam?

Mr. Choi Yong-sun: We established a representative office in Hanoi in 2004 and started by designing HH4 apartment complex, constructing a wastewater treatment plant in Binh Duong and has completed the entire office tower for BIDV headquarters office.


Currently, we are constructing two highway projects in Rach Gia and Ho Chi Minh City. In the near future, we are planning to start the construction of a highway near the Noi Bai International Airport.


This year, we have teamed up with Vietnam Highway Corporation to build the most modern Vietnam highway stop which including restaurants, gas stations, car repair station on the Ninh Binh - Cau Gie highway in Ha Nam Province.


- These are great successes for Hanshin. However, 2012 was a difficult year for the world economy and Vietnam. Could you share your strategy to overcome this in Vietnam?


Mr. Choi Yong-sun: The difficult economic situation was identified as a long-term. But difficulties are accompanied with opportunities, the more difficult the situation is, the more we have to prepare for the opportunites to come when the situation is better.


So, with the expectation of long-term potential growth in Vietnam, Hanshin will keep working closely with Vietnamese partners to find opportunities to grow.


- After eight years of investing and developing in Vietnam market, what do you think are the advantages and difficulties of the market? Do you have any suggestions to the Vietnamese government to better facilitate the operation of the foreign enterprises as Hanshin?

Mr. Choi Yong-sun: With the support and help of friends in Vietnam, Hanshin can implement our projects without encountering any major difficulties. I am very thankful for our Vietnamese friends about this and think this is great luck for us. I only have a reasonable proposal that should we establish a central organization to support foreign investment that the government plays the leading role. Entering a new and strange market like Vietnam can be very difficult because of the unfamiliarity with the policies and investment process.


If we can establish a support center for foreign investment, a portal to provide information and to integrate relevant functions of state agencies related to registration and granting of permits required for project activities in Vietnam by foreign enterprises and to support in a consistent manner... it will be a very helpful support for many companies which are planning investment or are conducting projects in Vietnam.


- Thank you!

Hanshin Construction Company was founded in 1950 in Korea. Its business areas are investment, engineering and construction material production including civil works, construction works, environmental works and electrical works.
In 2004, Hanshin established offices in Vietnam. Since its debut in Vietnam market, Hanshin has consistently been assigned important projects such as Tower of BIDV in Hanoi, water treatment project in Binh Duong, design of the complex apartment HH4-My Dinh.
Currently, Hanshin is constructing two major highway projects in Ho Chi Minh-Long Thanh-Dau Giay (sixth package) in Dong Nai Province and bypass road project Rach Gia (roads and bridges) in Kien Giang Province. These two projects are expected to be completed in 2013.
With these achievements, Hanshin Construction Company has received many awards and certificates of merit in both Korea and Vietnam.
Besides boosting business, Hanshin also pay attention to the social activities, community oriented, typically as the ceremony to meet international students, students in Vietnam in South Korea. Meet this intimate ceremony was held annually, continuously from 2005 until now and has always been the meeting place for students, Vietnamese students have been studying in kimchi./.

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