The Vietnamese Embassy in Cuba recently opened a photo exhibition in Havana reflecting contemporary Vietnam, 40 years since the liberation of the country’s southern region.

More than 100 photos on show illustrate Vietnam’s land and people, economic development, traditional culture and Vietnamese-Cuban relations.

The exhibition, running through to May 15, also showcases Vietnamese handicrafts, musical instruments, traditional customs and special publications on the Spring 1975 Victory.

Addressing guests from the Cuban Foreign Ministry, State agencies, and embassies of Asian countries at the opening ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador Duong Minh underlined the significance of the victory that ended the war and heralded a new era of peace and development.

He also noted the serious war consequences and Vietnamese people’s efforts to overcome these aftermaths, while highlighting the country’s economic development.

The diplomat took the chance to thank Cuba for its support to Vietnam’s struggle, adding that his country advocates Cuba’s update of its socio-economic model and believes it will harvest greater accomplishments in its socialist-oriented development.-VNA