A new album featuring songs by 150 famous singers in HCM City will send Tet (Lunar New Year) festival greetings to soldiers stationed on islands across Vietnam as part of a special cultural programme.

Titled Mua Xuan Bien Dao (Spring on Islands), the album consists of songs about the country, peace, love, spring and the bravery of soldiers, composed mostly by veteran musicians and song writers.

A few highlights in the album include: Tran Long An's La Thu Ngay Tet (The Letter to Mother on Tet); Ton That Lap's Tinh Ca Mua Xuan (Love Song for Spring); Tran Tien's Mua Xuan Goi (Spring's Sounds); and Pham Dang Khuong's Truong Sa Truong Sa (Spratly Islands).

"I'm very happy to sing for our soldiers. My family, friends and I will enjoy a happy Tet, thanks to them," said pop star Siu Black, who spent hours in the studio to record her voice for the album.

Young singers like Bao Thi and Duong Trieu Vu also worked hard to complete the album.

More than 1,000 copies of the album will be sent to troops stationed on the nation's island outposts.

"Together with the DVD, our artists and young volunteers have made greeting cards and gift-wrapped confectionery and other presents to send to the soldiers," said Quynh Hoa, head of the HCM City Youth Cultural House's culture and arts office.

Last weekend, a music gala at the HCM City Youth Culture House attracted 120 singers, emcees, cai luong (renovated opera) performers, and movie and theatre actors like Thanh Loc, Que Tran, Thoai My, and Ngo Thanh Van.

The singers performed their best items and also conversed online with soldiers on Truong Sa Island and oil rig protection post No1 (DK1). More than 1,000 youngsters joined the event./.