Image of the proposed An Suong tunnel at one of HCM City’s busiest intersections.( Photo courtesy of the HCM City Department of Transport )
 HCM City (VNA) - Construction of a double tunnel at An Suong intersection between Ho Chi Minh City’s District 12 and Hoc Mon District was kicked off on January 19.

One tunnel extends from Truong Chinh Street towards National Highway No 22, and the other in the opposite direction.

The project, with total capital of 514 billion VND (23 million USD), is expected to be completed within 20 months.

The total length of the two tunnels is about 850m. Each two-lane tunnel is 9m wide and 125m long, with a ceiling height of 4.75m.

The maximum speed for automobiles in the tunnels will be 50km per hour.

The tunnel from the city’s downtown towards Cu Chi District will be exposed on one side at Truong Chinh Street for a distance of 140 metres, and on the side of National Highway No 22 for 180 metres.

The other tunnel, from Cu Chi District towards downtown, will be exposed on the side of Truong Chinh Street for 140m and on the side of National Highway No 22 for 120m. 

The tunnels, which will have a life span of 100 years, were built to resist earthquakes measuring 7 on the Richter scale.

An Suong intersection is a junction of several main streets, including Truong Chinh Street, National Highway No 22 and No 1.

The tunnel work is expected to ease traffic congestion at the intersection, which is known for numerous accidents and traffic jams, said Vo Khanh Hung, director of Urban Traffic Management Unit No 3.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transport and the HCM City People’s Committee plan to upgrade National Highway No 22 to the southwestern province of Tay Ninh, which will allow for ease of transport and business between Vietnam and Cambodia at the Moc Bai Border Gate.-VNA