The Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ho Chi Minh City will undergo its first renovation since it was built in 1887.

The renovation, which is expected to take at least six months, will not affect the original design of the structure as several parts of the church will be replaced with new materials.

Father Vuong Si Tuan of Notre Dame Cathedral said that the church clergy are working with authorities in the city to examine the status of the building.

According to a representative of HCM City Archdiocese, the upgrade will be done to ensure safety for parishioners.

The roof tile, two bell towers, pillars, mirror, and others parts of the building will be upgraded, while the external parts of the building will be cleaned and bricks that are in poor condition will be replaced.

Materials will be imported from France, according to Father Tuan.

The church, designed by J. Bourard, opened in 1877. All building materials were imported from France.

The outside wall of the cathedral was built with bricks from Marseille. Although the contractor did not use any coatings, the bricks have retained their bright red colour until today.

For decades, the church has been a popular attraction for local residents and foreign tourists.

Every day, hundreds of tourists visit the area.-VNA