Food festival “Thang Long culinary art in the heart of southern Vietnam ” kicked off in Ho Chi Minh City on December 11 in an effort to promote millennium anniversary of Hanoi.

The organising board, including the Institute of Southern Culinary Art Research, said they wanted to send a message that Thang Long-Hanoi is a “venue of refinement and pervasiveness” that reflects Vietnam’s cultural essentials.

Featured at the event was steamed rolled rice pancake originating from Thanh Tri village, snail vermicelli in West Lake, Hanoi Pho or noodles served with beef, chicken, green rice flake cake in Hang Than street and many other specialties special to region.

Visitors were also given chances to enjoy culinary arts of the northern region in four main divisions: country markets, snack counters, culinary art found at community festivals and specialties in Hanoi old quarters.

Specific folk music was also performed including a strolling blind musician’s singing and love duets.

An exhibition on Vietnamese wines and folk games painted the event in a colourful picture./.