Non-party members of the Vietnam Fatherland Front - Ho Chi Minh City branch and religious dignitaries in the city on October 1 contributed their opinions to draft documents to be submitted to the city’s 10th Party Congress and the 12th National Party Congress.

Monsignor Thuong Minh Thanh, Chief Representative of the Cao Dai Tay Ninh Church in the city, stressed the need for the State to pay more attention to developing education, science and technology as these fields can create breakthroughs for the country and motivate socio-economic development.

For Ho Chi Minh City, flooding, increasingly serious environmental pollution, lack of food safety and hygiene, and traffic jams need to be addressed urgently to ensure local livelihoods, he stated.

Priest Phan Khac Tu, Vice Chairman of the Committee for Solidarity of Vietnamese Catholics’ Ho Chi Minh City chapter, suggested the State put forward policies to encourage religions to participate in social activities, particularly those relating to education and health.

He hoped all social activities would be incorporated into the legal framework in order to uphold State management.

Meanwhile, Do Tan Sy, a Vietnamese national residing in Belgium, suggested opening an information channel for overseas Vietnamese to exchange and share technological advances with their countrymen.

He proposed launching a website to receive and post scientific research and initiatives of overseas Vietnamese to contribute to the country’s development.

Chief Representative of the Cao Dai Tien Thien Church in Ho Chi Minh City Thuong Cung Thanh stressed the importance of intensifying activities to educate and inform youth morality.-VNA