Local authorities have had significant achievements in fire fighting and prevention as they extinguished 82 fires, or 50 percent of fires, in Ho Chi Minh City the first three months of this year.

Speaking to the media recently, Colonel Le Tan Buu, Director of the HCM City Fire Fighting and Prevention Police Department, praised the efforts of local authorities and confirmed that fire prevention by local authorities would limit losses. In the first quarter of this year, there were 165 fires in the city, six fewer than in the same period last year, when one person died and six were injured.

In addition, six fires caused by homeowners led to one fatality and four people injured.

Authorities said fires led to losses of 2.5 billion VND (120,000) USD.

There were also two explosions, the same number as last year in the corresponding period, killing two and injuring four.

Electrical problems were the cause of 107 out of 165 cases, the city fire chief said.

"This is the peak dry season and the threat of fire is at its highest. We will ask all relevant authorities to increase vigilance," Buu added.

The department plans to strengthen local firefighting forces' abilities, and work more closely with electricity companies.-VNA