HCM City plans to have 10 urban railway routes, 210 bus routes and six bus rapid transit routes by 2025, according to a plan developed by the Transport Department.

The transport plan, which has been submitted to the municipal People’s Committee for approval, said that there would be three kinds of bus routes: main axis, branch and collection.

Main axis routes will run on the city’s major transport corridors, while branch routes will connect the centre of areas with main axis routes.

Collection routes will run on small roads and alleys to collect passengers. Small-size buses will be used for these routes.

The different routes are needed because the city has many alleys and residential areas of different sizes.

Of the ten urban railway routes, five will depart from the city centre to all major gateways.

The city will also have three tram routes that will link city centre areas.

The land fund, which is about 1,873,000sq.m, will be used to build public-transport facilities, including bus and taxis stations.

While a monorail and metro system are under construction, buses will remain the major means of public transport until they are completed in 2020, according to the city Transport Department.-VNA