Ho Chi Minh City has equipped its rural communes with a wide range of communications and audio equipment, musical instruments and sports facilities, with the aim to boost cultural and sports movements in these places.

Accordingly, 71 pieces of audio equipment including musical instruments used in performing Don ca Tai tu (Southern Amateur Singing) were presented to 56 Don ca Tai tu clubs, five border posts in the two districts of Nha Be and Can Gio, five cultural centres and five sports centres.

The city also built 172 information stations and libraries for 28 local communes, including 28 computer and printer sets, and 12,068 books.

Besides, 3,389 pieces of equipment for volleyball, football and martial arts were sent to the pilot new-style rural communes to entertain locals.

Ho Chi Minh City plans to build a cultural and sports centre in all of its communes by 2017 to better meet the demands of people in rural areas.-VNA