The Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation will strive to maintain power loss below 5.3 percent in 2014, which was the rate recorded in 2013.

In order to fulfil the target, the corporation, which posted the lowest power loss out of all the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) units in 2013, will roll out best operational modes and handle overloaded transformers, among others.

The corporation will continue implementing programmes to raise public awareness of power saving and safety across the city.

It will focus on the building and upgrading of underground electricity networks, striving to complete 38 projects that began in 2013 and 34 others to be launched this year.

Along with several projects to improve the quality of power supply, the corporation also plans to establish smart grids this year.

Last year, the city saved a total of 519.78 million kWh, exceeding 47.2 percent of the target set by EVN and making up nearly 20 percent of the total energy saved by the group.-VNA