HCM City to hold first workshop on new MEMS/Sensor technology hinh anh 1Vietnam would like to have a MEMS/sensor industry (Photo: baomoi.com)
HCM City (VNA) — The first annual Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)/Sensors Commercialisation Workshop will be held in HCM City on November 9 to enhance public awareness of the potential for MEMS/sensor technologies to solve many of the world’s problems. 

“We would like to inform the world about Vietnamese potential in high-quality human resources, the big demand for MEMS/sensors; to connect investors with potential projects, to link researchers with investment funds; and to attract investors in manufacturing MEMS/sensor products and create local supply chains,” Dr Le Hoai Quoc, president of the Sai Gon High- Tech Park (SHTP), workshop chairman, said.

“The workshop’s objectives correlate highly with the policy of the HCM City leadership, which is to foster participation and dialogue between various stakeholders including governments, scientific and academic communities, and share their knowledge, experiences and mutual interests,” he added.

“It is also expected to provide an enlightened and informed understanding as to the viability and importance of creating a MEMS/sensor technology infrastructure as the catalyst for the creation of a critical commercialisation vehicle in Vietnam,” he added.

The workshop will feature world-class experts from the US who will address various MEMS and sensor applications that will enable an enhanced quality of life for Vietnamese citizens.

Applications to be addressed include the Internet of Things (IoT) as applied to smart and green cities using environmental monitoring, electronic-medicine (e-medicine) and agri-tech and aqua-technology. 

Additionally, an introduction and overview of MEMS/sensors and a presentation on technology cluster development and resulting economic benefits will complete the programme.  

Attendees, including investors, corporate managers, technologists, academics/students and government administrators, are encouraged to attend this all-day event that will present the most current and significant information on technologies and applications for MEMS/sensors.-VNA