The HCM City People’s Committee has asked the Government to ban online game imports and advertisements nationwide in an attempt to crack down on games that contain violent content.

“The committee proposes that online games not be allowed to develop because of their negative influence on youth,” writes committee chairman Le Hoang Quan in a letter sent to the Government.

He also asked the Ministry of Information and Communications to create criteria for a rating system that would be based on the games’ content, including violence, gambling or pornography.

Companies producing the online games that are allowed to be used would have to submit a social impact assessment to the appropriate authority.

In order to divert youth’s attention away from online games, the city also recommends that all adverts related to online games be banned, similar to the ban on tobacco and alcohol adverts.

The city also recommends that gamers not be allowed to play from 11 pm to 6am every day.

Under the proposal, gamers, like mobile phone subscribers, would be required to submit personal information declaration and registration.

They would only be allowed to play three hours a day, which could be managed and controlled through internet service providers.

Quan also suggested that cities with a high proportion of gamers be permitted to independently investigate and make decisions on online game content and services./.