Food climbed 0.26 percent while food grains declined 0.03 percent. (Photo: VNA)

Ho Chi Minh City’s Consumer Price Index (CPI), an indicator of inflation growth in the city, escalated 0.11 percent in July from the previous month and 0.77 percent against the same month last year, according to the municipal Statistics Department.

Triggered by medicine and healthcare service price adjustments, the group of pharmaceutical products and healthcare services saw the sharpest rise, growing 1.36 percent from June.

Slight increases were seen in transportation (0.09 percent); garments, hats and footwear (0.23 percent); beverages and tobacco (0.8 percent); home appliances (0.01 percent); and other commodities (0.03 percent).

Food and restaurants also showed a 0.13 percent rise with food climbing 0.26 percent while food grains declined 0.03 percent.

Meanwhile, price drops were seen in housing, electricity, water, fuel and building materials (0.19 percent) and culture and entertainment (0.03 percent).

Prices in post-communication and education sectors remained stable.

In contrast to the CPI, gold price tapered off 1.49 percent and the US Dollar exchange fell 0.01 percent.-VNA