Ho Chi Minh City’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) in August rose by 0.31 percent against the previous month, according to the municipal Statistics Office.

The index experienced increases of 1.26 percent and 3.17 percent compared to those of eight months and one year ago, respectively.

Most commodities saw price hikes during the month, with the exceptions falling in the telecommunication and education sectors. The highest price rise, 1.24 percent, was recorded in transport.

Prices of foodstuffs and restaurant services rose by 0.22 percent and 0.19 percent respectively.

Slight increases were also seen in the prices of housing, power, water and fuel (0.58 percent); beverage and tobacco (0.28 percent); culture-entertainment-tourism (0.28 percent); and garment-headwear-footwear (0.19 percent).

The groups of household appliances, goods and other services, and medicines and healthcare services witnessed humble price rises.

During the month, the prices of gold and the US dollar fell by 0.48 percent and 0.41 percent respectively.-VNA