An Vat Sai Gon (Noshing in Sai Gon), by Chu Thi Hong Anh and photographer Tran Viet Duc, is hoped to inspire all lovers of eating out in Ho Chi Minh City.

Available at bookstores nation-wide now, the book examines the noshing culture of the city residents, telling a series of stories about the source of diverse dishes well known to many generations of the locals and expats.

Each story is illustrated by photographs taken by Tran Viet Duc of Vietnamese celebrities and foreigners noshing at various times of the day.

The popular noshing dishes are grouped under 12 different categories including Pho – Mien (noodle soup – grass noodle), Bun (rice vermicelli), Banh Canh (rice noodles), Cac Mon Cuon (wraps and rolls), Banh Mi (bread), Chao (rice porridge), Xoi (steamed glutinous rice), Che (sweet soup), and Ngheu So Oc Hen (different kinds of snails and shellfishs).

The book presents readers with the location and address of special noshing sites in the city.-VNA