Ho Chi Minh City’s consumer price index (CPI) in March saw a slight decrease of 0.29 percent, resulting in the city’s CPI for the first quarter of this year to rise by 1.15 percent.

According to the municipal Statistics Office, slight decreases were seen in six out of 11 commodity baskets.

Commodities and services recorded the deepest decrease at 0.62 percent, followed by foodstuffs and restaurant services (0.6 percent), culture-entertainment-tourism services (0.47 percent), beverages and cigarettes (0.35 percent), transport (0.34 percent), and garments and textiles-headwear-footwear (0.08 percent).

Meanwhile, housing-electricity-water-fuel price, and construction materials price registered a slight increase of 0.38 percent and 0.07 percent respectively.

During the month, the price of gold fell by 2.94 percent while the US dollar price rose by 1.20 percent compared to last month’s figures.-VNA