A programme to develop Ho Chi Minh City’s micro-chip industry, worth 7.5 trillion VND, has just got underway, which is a breakthrough for the country’s micro-chip sector in general.

The city will fund numerous projects including software design, manufacturing, as well as various training courses and a number of promotions.

This will help reduce the country’s trade gap and stifle inflation and develop new micro-chip technologies. In time, this will lead to the country having adequate number of technical experts and specialist designers, who will gradually develop and manufacture the domestic micro-chips and software industry.

This will raise the value of Vietnamese electronic products, with profits rising by between 20-30 percent and result in the country becoming a major player in the global supply chain.

The programme will run until 2017 and the industry will receive between 100-150 million USD to train 2,000 engineers and set up over 30 high-tech companies in the micro-chip sector.

With over 7,000 people, including students, postgraduates and specialists, having studied, researched and worked in Japan and the US, Vietnam has a lot of potential to develop this industry.-VNA