March is considered the month of ao dai in Ho Chi Minh City with a wide array of activities honoring Vietnam’s traditional dress. An ao dai parade themed “I love Vietnam” took place on the morning of March 5th­, attracting more than 3,000 schoolgirls.

The parade features students forming the shape of Vietnam. It sends a message of promoting the everlasting beauty of traditional Vietnamese dress in the modern society.

The parade not only shows the charm of Vietnamese women in their traditional dress but also promotes the image of Vietnam as a peaceful land with friendly and hospitable people.

Nguyen Thi Hong Loi – Participant at parade

I am so delighted and proud to be among Vietnamese girls wearing ao dai to join this parade.

Nguyen Thi Hoai – Participant at parade

In my opinion, the parade today is a good chance to promote ao dai to international friends, and also youngsters.

The stream of young women in ao dai flows through renowned attractions of the city, including Notre Dame Cathedral and Independence Palace, enchants many foreign tourists.

The parade is part of the Ho Chi Minh City Ao dai festival which kicked off recently on March 3th. The festival not only honored ao dai and designers but also aimed to bring ao dai back into the modern society.

Previously, an ao dai fashion show marked the start of the festival, organised by the municipal Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The event will last until March 17.-VNA