During the month of the traditional new year Tet festival, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of Ho Chi Minh City went up by 1 percent and 1.44 percent compared with those of the previous month and last December respectively.

According to the Statistical Office in Ho Chi Minh City, beverage and cigarette saw the highest price rise of 3.34 percent due to high demand during the festival. Other commodity and service baskets increased by 1.45 percent.

Thanks to the Price Stablisation Program, food and restaurant services rose by only 1.42 percent.

Slight increases were seen in prices of garment and textiles-headwear-footwear, up by 0.70 percent; household appliances, 0.54 percent; culture-entertainment-tourism services, 0.41 percent and educational products and services, 0.10 percents.

Medicines and healthcare services did not experience any price hike.

During the month, the gold price decreased markedly by 1.30 percent while the US dollar price rose slightly by 0.02 percent.-VNA