Leading cardiovascular experts from northern provinces have spread their knowledge about diagnosing heart-disease symptoms at a symposium in Thai Nguyen province on November 14.

The aim is to reduce the time spent by heart patients in hospital and to extend their life expectancy.

At the conference, participants emphasised the important role of treatment in coordination with cardiac therapy, focusing on evaluating the situation of heart-related diseases in Vietnam and the world at large.

They also introduced current treatments for heart diseases, which is a leading killer in the world. Every year it leads to 53,000 deaths in the US.

Vietnam has recorded around 1.4 million patients with heart failure in the past five years, with three quarters of them dying of the illness.

The conference, jointly held by the Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy and the Vietnam Federation of Medical Associations, aims to review and research outcomes as well as promote scientific research activities related to cardiac issues.-VNA