Heat wave during this week has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of child patients at the central Da Nang Ob-Gyn ND Pediatric Hospital.

Since the beginning of the week, the hospital has received an average of 600 child patients a day, a 30-35 percent increase over previous months.

"Hot and humid weather during summer encourages bacteria growth and the disease transmission. In addition, under extreme heat conditions, the human body is vulnerable to exhaustion, dehydration and weakened immune systems, especially children under the age of two," said Le Thanh Cam, Deputy Head of the hospital's Emergency Department.

Cam said respiration problems commonly found among children during summer included pneumonia, bronchitis, rhinitis and sore throats. He advised parents to avoid exposing children to sudden changes in temperature, like leaving an air-conditioned room to extreme outdoor heat.

The incidence of hand-foot-mouth disease among children has also been on the rise with an average of 60-70 child patients being diagnosed every day during the heat wave.

Doctors have advised that parents maintain good hygiene, keep children properly hydrated along with a healthy diet, avoid eating food sold by street vendors. They have also said that children should be taken to hospitals and medical centres as soon as they show any abnormal health symptoms.-VNA