After a thunderstorm on the evening of June 22, most of the streets of the capital had fallen trees, broken branches. Many billboards were also torn after the storm.

At To Hieu street, a large tree fell across the road, causing difficulties for people in traffic. Cars had to turn around or choose another route.

Heavy rain also caused mild flooding in some areas, such as Nguyen Khanh Toan, Kim Ma, and Lang street... Fortunately, the rain took place late at night, so there was no traffic jam.

A row of flamboyant trees planted nearly 2 years ago on Lang Street took heavy damage from the storm, with many trees uprooted

Heavy rains and strong winds also caused power outages in some areas of the city.

Although the rain caused a bit of difficulty and annoyance, most people in the capital still felt comfortable because this rain was what they had been waiting for more than a week after the peak of June's heatwave./.