Hanoi (VNA) – At least three people were killed in a helicopter crash in northeastern Thailand on July 18, local officials said.

The victims were travelling to Khon Kaen province in the early morning when the helicopter crashed before landing.

AFP quoted Alongkot Vorakee, a senior official in the province, as saying that the aircraft was supposed to land in Khon Kaen airport at 9:10am, but around 9:00am, local authorities got a report that the helicopter crashed into a rice field.

A pilot, co-pilot and two passengers were believed to be on board.

A district police official in the area said the death toll may be four but they could only see three bodies, the fourth may be under the wreckage.

There was no information about the passengers and the purpose of their trip or why the accident happened.

Officials from the Thai Department of Aviation were dispatched to the site to investigate the case.-VNA