High electricity bills expected following record heat wave hinh anh 1Hanoi's electricity consumption data during the record heat wave. (Source: EVN Hanoi)
Hanoi (VNA) - A spike in electricity usage as a result of the record heat wave earlier this month across the northern region, especially Hanoi, will leave most residents high electricity bills.

The charge hike was announced by Hanoi Electricity Company, member of the State-owned Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), along with detailed data on the monthly usage.

According to the company’s reports, electricity used in the capital city reached an unprecedented high of 400 trillion kWh, much higher than the same period last year.

In June 5 alone, electricity consumption shot to upwards of 77 trillion kWh, up 149 percent against the same period last year.

EVN Hanoi attributed this spike to an increased usage of cooling appliances including air conditioners and fans, among others. In weekend, when most factories, companies and State agencies don’t work, the electricity load was borne by households.

In addition, it said, the rate of household consumption accounted for 55 percent of total output.

EVN urged people to turn off all unnecessary electronic devices, especially during ‘rush hours’ (9h30-11h30 and 17h-22h from Monday to Saturday), and purchase products that were granted energy-saving labels with energy-saving rate accordant with the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s standards.

It recommended that even during days when outside temperature can reach up to 45-50 Celsius degrees, in households, air conditioners shouldn’t be set lower than 25 degrees at daytime and 27-28 degrees at night, both to prevent the machine’s overworking and users’ heat shock when having to go out.-VNA