High school students need more driving skills hinh anh 1A high school student in ​Hanoi is stopped by police for violation of road rules (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - High school students are involved in 90 percent of child-related traffic accidents in Hanoi, both as drivers of motorbikes and bicycles, and victims.

Another 10 percent are smaller children driven or carried by adults, according to a study sponsored by the National Committee for Road Safety and the Vietnam Association of Motorbike Manufacturers (VAMM).

Results of the study conducted last year and received responses from 2,390 high school students were revealed on July 26.

As many as 67 percent of them said that under the age of 15, they walked or rode a bike to school. Once they entered high school, 52 percent of students surveyed said they now drive electrical bikes or electrical motorbikes to school.

About 106,440 electrical bikes and 100,582 electrical motorbikes are reportedly available to families of high school students in Hanoi.

Most of the students said that they learnt driving from their parents, and 27 percent said they were not taught driving skills at schools.

Schools are only obliged to provide theoretical road safety lessons.

Reports by police and the students’ feedback indicate that most traffic accidents by high school students are the result of speeding, driving in wrong lanes or careless driving.
Vice head of the National Committee for Road Safety Khuat Viet Hung, said high school students were vulnerable to traffic accidents because of their modest skills and awareness. He said it was important to help them better their driving skills.

On July 26, the committee and VAMM signed a cooperation agreement on road safety, the third such agreement between the two organisations.

This year, the VAMM committed to funding a research study on the current and future role of motorbikes in Vietnam, expecting to offer recommendations on safe use of motorbikes.-VNA