Historical documentaries on VN to be aired soon hinh anh 1Late president Ho Chi Minh (the twelve, left) visited Novosibirsk city in July 1955, his first official visit to the Soviet (File photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - People can watch two valuable documentaries on television soon – one on the last days of the America War in Vietnam in 1975, and the other on late President Ho Chi Minh.

On April 30, on the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of southern Vietnam and national reunification, Vietnam - 30 Days in Saigon will be aired on Vietnam Television. Ho Chi Minh in the Country of Lenin, a documentary on President Ho Chi Minh’s activities in the early days after the establishment of the nation, will be screened in May.

The 66-minute colour movie, Vietnam – 30 Days in Saigon, directed and produced by Jean-Pierre Moscardo in 1975, records the last days of the war – the battle on April 27 and 28, 1975, images of people fleeing – and Saigon in the first few days under the leadership of South Vietnam’s interim government.

The black-and-white 30-minute movie, Ho Chi Minh in the Country of Lenin, produced by the Central Studio for Documentary Film of Russia in 1975, focuses on Ho Chi Minh’s activities for establishing the communist country of Vietnam and developing friendly relations between Vietnam and the former Soviet Union.

The documentary shows the late President in diplomatic meetings with Russians and his speech on the 40th anniversary of Russia’s 1957 October Revolution.

While the original Vietnam – 30 Days in Saigon is preserved in France’s National Institute of Film, the other one is with Russia’s National Film Archive Institute.

“These are lively, authentic films made by foreign producers about Vietnam and have not been shown [in the country] before,” Nguyen Thi Ha, Director of Science-Technology and Archives Centre, was quoted by Tien Phong (Vanguard) newspaper as saying.

“With these two movies, the young people who have not witnessed these significant historical events will have the chance to see them from a foreign perspective. The live, genuine images will help the audience visualise the context in South Vietnam after reunification,” Ha said.

Vietnam – 30 Days in Saigon gives a comprehensive view of the events that took place on April 30, 1975, as well as activities of people from the south, accompanied by opinions based on the French viewpoint, said Hoang Truong, deputy head of the Archives Department.

“After 1975, several films, documentaries, and journalistic photos were released by news agencies based in the south of Vietnam, but they are under copyright. We haven’t had any film on the 1975 period by foreigners. This documentation [the two films] is precious. These films are like the memory of humankind in general, and Vietnam in particular,” Truong said.-VNA