Thai archaeologists and historians have discovered historical traces of the Ayutthaya community in the Mandalay and Sagaing Regions in Myanmar, thanks to the continued cooperation in the archaeological conservation between the two countries.

Anek Sihamat, Director General of Thailand's Fine Arts Department, said the Thai archaeologists and historians visited Mandalay and Sagaing Regions in Myanmar to study the history of the Ayutthaya people.

They also held a discussion with Neo Min Tun, Deputy Director General of the Department of Archaeology, Museums and Libraries of Myanmar.

Thailand has sent archeological officials to Yangon and Bagan for academic purposes and coordinated with the University of Rangoon to bring Thai explorers and landscape architects to help improve the landscape of temples in Bagan.

The discussion also placed importance on historical data from the Yodia Community in Mandalay and from Thai and Myanmar literature.

Anek Sihamat said they found traces that could be linked to the history of Yodia community in the past, according to stories of artifacts of Ayutthaya descent in Myanmar , including murals similar to the Ayutthaya period found in Thein Daw Gyi Temple , Sagaing Region.

Now, the temple has plastered part of murals on the chapel’s wall as it was affected by flooding, causing salt crust and crumbling cement. The Fine Arts Department of Thailand has asked the Department of Archaeology of Myanmar to allow the preservation of the temple’s murals..-VNA