Historical truth is on Vietnam’s side, and international law supports Vietnam, the National Coordinator of the Mexican Labour Party (PT) Alberto Anaya Gutierrez told the Vietnam News Agency in Hanoi on May 8 regarding China’s illegal deployment of an oil rig in Vietnam’s waters.

Anaya said the issue must be discussed at international organisations multilaterally. He expressed regret over the case, saying that he hopes it will be solved between the two Parties and nations.

He called on the settlement of the East Sea issue at international institutions based on international law. He voiced his support on Vietnam’s rights to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The PT leader, who is also a congressman and President of the Mexico-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarian Group, also talked of a number of other matters.

He lauded Vietnam’s socio-economic achievements and reform policies.

In the context of a global economic-financial crisis, Vietnam ’s maintenance of above 5 percent economic growth in the last years is a result of the great efforts of the Vietnamese Party, State and people, he said.

Positive changes have been seen in the country’s infrastructure system, he noted, adding that Vietnam remains a huge world exporter of agricultural products and is thriving in exporting industrial products.-VNA