The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has instructed relevant sectors to continue to keep a close watch on the Ebola epidemic situation in West Africa and put response measures in place.

The Department of Health was asked to step up efforts to early address cases of exposure to the deadly virus which has affected 10,114 people and killed more than 4,900 so far.

It is, together with other agencies like the police and the Department of Tourism, undertaking the strict observation of those travelling from Ebola-hit regions for three weeks upon arrival.

Meanwhile, healthcare facilities were requested to be fully prepared for a potential outbreak, with regards to equipping treatment and isolation wards and providing sufficient personal protective gear for medical workers.

As the country’s largest economic and business hub that welcomes a large number of foreign visitors on a daily basis, the City has requested individuals coming in from Ebola-affected areas to undergo temperature measurement and declare their health status at international airports.

Ebola is spread through contact with an infected person's bodily fluids, such as sweat and blood.

To date, Vietnam has no reported cases of Ebola infections.-VNA