From the beginning of this year to July 17, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest economic hub, saw the establishment of 14,665 new businesses, with the total registered capital of more than 68.3 trillion VND.

The figures reflect a year-on-year increase of 6.5 percent in the number of businesses, but a decrease of 23.4 percent in the capital.

More than two thirds of the new businesses (76.4 percent) operate in the service sector and most of the remainder (23.2 percent) are involved in construction industry.

Also in the period, more than 10,110 enterprises announced suspension of operation, while more than 3,500 others resumed activities re-operate.

Over the past seven months, the foreign investment flow into the city, including both new and additional investment, reached 606.6 million USD.

Singapore was the top investor with more than 110 million USD, followed by Japan with 47.1 million USD, Germany with 22.2 million USD, Holland (21.3 million USD) and the Republic of Korea (17.4 million USD).

Industry was the most attractive sector, absorbing 112.7 million USD in 27 projects. The trade sector received 86.8 million USD in 64 projects, while 18.7 million USD was poured into 53 projects involving scientific and technological activities.-VNA