A tourism park with a strong cultural theme is being built in time for Tet (lunar New Year) in HCM City 's suburban Cu Chi district.

Vietnam At A Glance, located off Bo Cap (Scorpion) pier in An Phu Commune, resembles a giant garden with traditional varieties of flowers, bonsai, and fruit and bamboo trees of various kinds and sizes.

But designers and carpenters worked hard to create a 22.5-ha village that depicts the cultural and daily aspects of the life of people in various regions of the country.

It has hundreds of model houses, rickshaws, and everyday objects made of bamboo, wood, and clumps of rice straw and grass.

Artisans from as far-flung areas as Cao Bang make traditional dishes, cakes, liquor, and handicrafts, which are both displayed and sold.

There is a playground for traditional games that takes older people back to their childhood when they themselves played those games.

Music and dance and food related to ethnic groups can be seen at several spots around the park.

"We have worked hard with our suppliers, including farms, agricultural companies, and tourist agencies, to make our park one of the city's biggest and best cultural and entertainment centres," Tran Thi Tuyet Nga, a member of the park's managing board, said.

"Through its unique products, we hope visitors will discover and enjoy slices of Vietnam 's history, culture, and lifestyle in different regions.

"I'm sure both local and foreign photographers and artists will find inspiration here."

She and her 200-strong staff hope to welcome 40,000-50,000 visitors during the Tet holidays in the first week of February./.