The culinary culture of Ho Chi Minh City is well known as a melting pot of the quintessential elements in Vietnamese cuisine, presenting the unique delicacies of the South as well as all regions of the country.

People from all over the world have found a second home in this land and brought with them various dishes that are distinctive of each region, enriching the culinary culture of Saigon.

Many delicacies of Hanoi and Northern provinces have become a part of the city's food culture. The most famous dish is bun cha, spring rolls, Northern rice, Hanoi noodles, Hai Phong crab noodles... with that unmistakably gentle and subtle Northern flavor. Ben Thanh Market is considered a symbol of the culinary culture of ancient Saigon.

This is also a place that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to learn about and enjoy Vietnamese food. At night, besides the market are small stalls introducing the typical dishes of each region. At any street corner or alley, domestic and foreign tourists alike will be pulled in by the fragrant street food such as sandwiches with cold cut and pâté, summer rolls, sweet popiah, crab soup..., each offering a different taste of the city.

Ho Chi Minh City is also home to many culinary cultures of various countries around the world. From Eastern residence and markets to Western neighbourhoods and convenience stores, delicacies and specialties of all countries can be found right in the heart of athe city.

Here, all the dishes undergo certain transformations to suit the tropical climate and eating habits of the city’s residents, creating their own unique identities that cannot be confused with anywhere else./.