Visitors to the flower garden of Vo Ha Anh Tu in Hoc Mon district can see farmers hurriedly preparing for the Tet harvest. In bloom on the 14,000 sq.m farm are flowers of all kinds which are carefully pruned ahead of the festival.

“In growing flowers, the most important thing is watering and fertilisation, along with controlling pests,” said Tu.

Besides traditional flowers such as sunflower and marigold, the owner of another garden, Van Thanh Sy, plants other species of flowers to serve different tastes.

Sy said: “This year I bring a new species from Da Lat to see if it suits local soil. Now that the preparation is done, I just water the flowers and see if there are insects.”

The flowers are planted early with a wide range of species to meet high demand duringTet. Flower prices are forecast to increase by 10-20 percent.

According to Nguyen Thi Loan from Hoc Mon district, Ho Chi Minh City, this year’s crop is better than other years. Prices are also higher.

Even with spring still to arrive, flower villages already resemble a rainbow.

With the thorough preparation and devotion of the florists, the flowers are hoped to bring good luck and prosperity to the city.-VNA