With improved living conditions, more and more people are looking for high quality and exquisite cuisine. The high-end food market of Ho Chi Minh City is getting hotter and competition is getting fiercer.

Almost 200 USD or more for 2kg of king crab, and around 100 USD for one Alaskan lobster, yet they are always on the “hotlist” of diners at major restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. These dishes require collaborating preparation and processing, and often offer diners a well-rounded, stellar dining experience. Alongside the quality, the nutrition and freshness, the presentation of the dishes elevate the experience for customers.

High-quality seafood imported from European countries, the Republic of Korea and Japan is in high demand, regardless of its price. At weekend, a firm can import an average of 1 tonne of high-end seafood. In 2018, the total import value of an importer exceeded 7 million USD.

Local residents are now more comfortable paying high prices for high-end food. This has created growth for the F&B sector while restaurants are putting out new and exquisite dishes to attract customers. Thanks to the competition, the price of high-end foodstuff has fallen.

The imported seafood market of Ho Chi Minh City is considered one of the most vibrant segments of the high-end food market. This is a potential market segment since Vietnam is now welcoming more international holidaymakers coming to explore the cuisine scene./.