The National Political Publishing House on Jan. 17 launched the third edition of the complete works of President Ho Chi Minh, which is published to acknowledge the 11th National Party Congress.

The collection includes 15 volumes containing 3,300 pieces of written work by the late President. This is the third time that the collection has been reproduced and includes an additional 800 new documents.

It is an invaluable asset for the Vietnamese Party and people. The collection’s contents reflect vividly the process of national salvation with Ho Chi Minh at the forefront as well as his ideas which form a system of profound and comprehensive viewpoints on the fundamental issues of Vietnam ’s revolution.

Among the 800 new documents supplemented in the collection, are writings and speeches with quite new viewpoints from Ho Chi Minh, which have never been shown before in his writings.

The first three volumes of the collection were published on time to mark the 11 th National Party Congress. It is expected that the complete collection of books will be published in May, 2011./.