Almost 140 speeches of Party and State leaders and scientists have confirmed the enormous historic significance of the day President Ho Chi Minh went abroad to seek pathways for national salvation.

Addressing a seminar on the theme in Hanoi on May 31, Head of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee Commission for Popularisation and Education Dinh The Huynh said the day Uncle Ho left the country was the start of Vietnam ’s struggle for national liberation and unification and steady advancement towards socialism.

For his part, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung affirmed over the past 80 years, Vietnam ’s revolution has overcome many difficulties and challenges to gain significant historic successes which, he said, are the successes of Vietnam ’s revolutionary heroism under Ho Chi Minh’s ideological flag.

Under the Party’s clear-sighted leadership, the strength of great national unity, effective State management and the efforts of an entire society, Vietnam will steadily advance on the path selected by President Ho Chi Minh and continue with its industrialisation and modernisation to successfully implement the Resolution of the 11 th National Party Congress, Dung said.

In his speech, former Party General Secretary Le Kha Phieu suggested the Party use Marxism-Leninism and late President Ho Chi Minh’s Thoughts as a guiding star for its activities and prioritise Party member and cadre training.

Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party’s Committee Le Thanh Hai pledged that the municipal authorities and people would exert their best to build a strong and developing city in all fields to be worthy of bearing Uncle Ho’s name./.