The beautiful brocade patterns of the White Thai ethnics are a vivid illustration of the meticulousness and skill of the group’s women.

Many brocade weaving cooperatives have been formed in the area, helping to promote brocade products and improve incomes for local women.

Made by a unique combination of traditional weaving methods and the creativity of local people, the brocade products have a distinctive style and fine patterns and are favoured by local and foreign visitors.

Local brocade weaving cooperatives are working to have their products reach new markets. Their brocade products have become increasingly popular among local consumers after being taken to trade fairs nationwide.

Local authorities have paid due regard to developing brocade weaving, as they see it as a means of preserving the traditional craft and stabilising incomes.

Colourful brocade is on sale on every corner of Thai villages. Most visitors to Mai Chau take home brocade souvenirs - rustic gifts from this mountainous area./.