Hoa Binh releases 35,000 fish fry into Da River hinh anh 135,000 fry of various fish species were released into Da River (Photo: VNA)

Hoa Binh (VNA) – The Sub-Department of the northern province of Hoa Binh released 35,000 fry of various fish species into Da River, aiming to regenerate, protect and increase diversity of fisheries resources in the area.

According to head of the sub-department Hoang Van Son, the activity also aims to encourage locals to expand fish farming in Hoa Binh Lake, while raising public awareness of protecting fisheries resources and the environment during the process of aquatic farming and exploitation.

The Da River lake in Hoa Binh province has a total water surface of 8,892 hectares, which is considered a valuable source of fisheries of the northwestern region with many rare species.

However, the management over the exploitation and regeneration of fisheries resources in the area has yet to receive due attention. Over-exploitation of fisheries, including use of banned fishing tools, have posed a risk of reduction in fisheries resources and the extinction of some endemic species./.