Representatives of the southern An Giang province’s authorities on December 25 visited the Hoa Hao Buddist sect headquarters on the occasion of the 94th birthday of prophet Huynh Phu So, the sect’s founder.

The delegation also visited several establishments of the Hoa Hao sect, 14 individuals of the Huynh family and outstanding dignitaries and followers in Phu Tan and Chau Phu districts and Long Xuyen city.

The provincial authorities’ representatives expressed the hope that the followers will continue to uphold their achievements to contribute to building new-style rural areas.

Founded in 1939 in An Giang province, the Hoa Hao Buddhist sect has developed in 19 provinces and cities nationwide with over 2 million followers.

In 2013, the followers contributed more than 210 billion VND ( nearly 10 million USD), including 97 billion VND by those in An Giang province, to charitable activities and the building of social works.-VNA