Hoan Kiem Lake’s giant turtle was successfully captured for medical treatment on April 3.

The legendary turtle, thought to be one of the most endangered species of turtles in the world, was spotted by divers in Hanoi on April 3 afternoon.

Veterinarians carefully herded the turtle onto the island in the lake, where the animal was caught in a net enclosure before receiving treatment for several wounds thought to have resulted from illegal fishing in the lake as well as attacks from other species of turtles. The turtle, which escaped a previous effort to be captured last month, is also suffering from pollution in the lake.

The turtle received the medical treatment in a special filtered water tank on the island.

Deputy head of Hanoi ’s Agriculture and Rural Development Department, veterinarian Nguyen Huy Dang said veterinarians and turtle experts would examine the turtle further during the next several days. The turtle would be under constant supervision of vets.

Authorities plan to ensure the turtle’s longevity by carrying out biopsies and ADN examination before further medical treatment is considered.

Hoan Kiem Lake will also be cleaned up to welcome back the turtle after the treatment./.