The 400-year-old town Hoi An in central Vietnam has jumped four places to seventh position on this year’s list of 10 cheapest destinations for the Brits.

Hoi An in Quang Nam Province and Bali in Indonesia were the only two Southeast Asian destinations to break into the top 10, according to the annual Holiday Money report released Saturday by the Post Office, the UK’s leading currency exchange.

According to the report, the average cost in Hoi An is ($77) per day, which is cheaper than the famous resort island of Bali at $80.2.

In Hoi An, a can/bottle of beer at a resort would cost around $2.37, and a cup of coffee, $1.65, the report said. A romantic dinner for two - a three-course evening meal, including a bottle of house wine, would cost tourists around $58 while a glass of wine costs $6.17.

Hoi An, a UNESCO recognized cultural heritage site, is much loved for its peaceful atmosphere and its centuries-old houses, pagodas and even its unique cuisine./.