Hundreds of ancient houses in Hoi An town – a world cultural heritage site - are facing the risk of damage due to termite attacks.

According to VietnamNet Bridge, to save old wooden houses in Hoi An, local authorities and people have implemented a programme to save over 1,000 old houses from being destroyed by termites, at a cost of 148 billion USD (70,000 USD).

The project was implemented three years ago and is considered to bring in good results. "A series of old houses, which are invaluable wooden structures were saved from termites. If they are destroyed, it is difficult to restore the status quo, even with a lot of money," said Nguyen Su, Secretary of the Hoi An Party Committee.

He said the termite prevention measures implemented in the ancient town are considered environmentally friendly. Termite killing chemicals are not harmful to human and the environment.

Based on this result, the Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism decided to continue the project in 2013 with a total budget of more than 7.5 billion USD (300,000 USD).

The project started on July 12 and will last for 180 days, before the rainy season.

In addition to termites, the ancient town has to face another danger of flooding. In the rainy season, one third of the area of Hoi An is submerged.

Scientists have warned that with over 50 hydropower reservoirs in the Vu Gia-Thu Bon upstream area, the safety of Hoi An town will be threatened if one of the reservoir is broken.-VNA