Making use of the family's hundreds-year-old house, Pham Phu Tho has opened a gift shop to improve his family’s living standard. Thanks to the strong tourism development in Hoi An, Tho’s family business grows and brings a stable income.

For artist Truong Bach Tuong, this ancient house is a destination for tourists where he has displayed and sold his paintings. According to him, tourism development has provided the local residents with diverse income through many different jobs.

In 1999 when it was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage site, Hoi An only welcomed about 100,000 visitors. In 2019, this number was more than 5.35 million, helping the locals raise their average per capita income to over 2,500 USD/year.

The result is attributed to improved management, conservation and development of the heritage that are all based on the benefits of the locals.

Over the past 20 years, Hoi An has upgraded more than 424 relics with a total investment of more than 6.5 million USD.

It can be said that "Hoi An ancient town tourism brand" has benefited local residents and the locals have joined hands to preserve and develop the heritage of Hoi An ancient town./.