It is easy for you to recognize the pictures of the ancient town of Hoi An. Referring to Hoi An, visitors immediately think of lanterns, the old town and the Covered Bridge - a symbol that cannot be more distinctive.

Hoi An is well-known as the culinary land with many unique dishes, notably the Mrs. Phuong’s banh mi. Despite its modest scale, each day, this banh mi stall serves thousands of customers. It is not exxagerating to say that if you have not eaten Mrs. Phuong’s banh mi, it is considered that you have not visited Hoi An.

An interesting place which is 15 minutes away from Hoi An ancient town is Cua Dai. This is where Thu Bon river returns to the sea, which creates a majestic natural picture. On the sunny days, standing on the bridge, many people enjoy the immense blue sky.

Many people also forget that Hoi An is a coastal city. There is an island that tourists cannot ignore, which is Cu Lao Cham island. Visitors can visit this island by canoeing from Cua Dai port with flexible time.

A tour of Cu Lao Cham island will begin with a visit to the fishing village where the Hai Tang Pagoda - a hundred-year old temple - is located, then check-in at a storm shelter and listen to the myths about the sacred fresh water well.

With the hot weather, scuba diving will be an attractive activity. The sea surrounding Cu Lao Cham island has a lot of coral reefs, along with various type of seaweeds and seagrass, which creates a diverse ecosystem.

It is the ideal environment for aquatic and marine species to live and also for visitors to explore and commune with nature./.