The Dutch Eye Care Foundation (ECF) presented a machine called a Jag Laer laser on February 25, which is used for post-cataract surgical treatment, to the southernmost province of Ca Mau .

The machine cost 28,000 EUR, of which 140 million VND has come from the local budget.

After surgery, patients may still have difficulties with their sight, so doctors use the laser to make a hole in part of the capsule so that the light can pass directly to the back of the eye.

The assistance is part of an ECF-funded project carried out in Ca Mau province over the 2002-2013 period. The project has been divided into four phases and every three years an average of 70,000 USD will be provided to conduct free cataract surgery for poor people, boost personnel training and invest in medical facilities for a number of hospitals throughout the province./.