Honorary Ambassador of Korea Tourism in Vietnam in 2022 announced hinh anh 1BLANK2Y at their appointment ceremony (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has freshly appointed the rookie boy group BLANK2Y as the honorary ambassador of the Republic of Korea’s tourism in Vietnam this year.

The multinational boy band debuted under the RoK-based Keystone Entertainment on May 24 this year, consists of 9 members aged between 18-24 from the RoK, China, and Japan. It is active in the RoK and around the world.

With a strong spread of the Korean wave "Hallyu", KTO hopes to promote tourism via the image of the new ambassador, especially to fans of Korean music in Vietnam.

BLANK2Y will assume their role in Vietnam for one year from July 9, 2022 to July 8, 2023. During this time, the group is set to accompany KTO in many tourism promotion activities through K-pop. A highlight in their tenure is to perform at the Korean Days in Hanoi, the biggest promotion event scheduled to take place in Vietnam’s capital in November.

Expressing the band’s honour to assume the post, a representative from BLANK2Y said with music, BLANK2Y will make efforts to share the beauty of their home country to Vietnamese people, beef up tourism between the two countries, and tighten the Vietnam – RoK friendship.

Lee Jae Hoon, chief representative of KTO in Vietnam, said in Vietnam there is great interest in K-pop as well as the Korean culture. Therefore, in the coming time, together with BLANK2Y, the KTO plans to actively promote tourism through "Hallyu" targeting young people, he added.

Serving the recovery of the RoK’s post-pandemic tourism recovery, KTO implemented a series of activities in Vietnam in the first half of this year, such as a programme to welcome visitors back to Korea in association with the slogan "Travel to Korea Begins Again", and the MICE Roadshow 2022. It is expected to launch a Korean promotion campaign namely "Hi Korea" on the Tiktok platform to rekindle Korean tourism inspiration in Vietnamese youth./.