Hue University (HU) College of Medicine and Pharmacy conferred the “Honorary Professor” title on Prof. Michael Patrick Dunne, from the Queensland University of Technology’s School of Public Health , at a ceremony on April 18.

Michael Patrick Dunne is Head of the International Health Programme and Director of the Public Health Cooperation Programme between Queensland University Technology and Vietnam .

Over the past five years, Dunne guided a number of HU students and officials in their study and research, arranged short-term scholarships and helped compile and edit curricula.

He also worked out a draft application to seek 2.5 million USD in aid from the US philanthropic organisation, AP to establish the university’s Department of Public Health and was in charge of the establishment of HU public health research centre.

Prof. Dunne also helped Vietnam’s medical colleges work out strategies for developing public health care and building human resources and organise many seminars at international and national level./.