Hospital admissions up during heat hinh anh 1People in Hanoi cover up to cope with the heat that hit the north and central regions this week. Summer heat is being blamed for a higher number of people suffering from respiratory, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – The first hot spell of summer, with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius, is sending more people, especially children and the elderly to hospital, with Hanoi seeing a large number of patients with respiratory and high-blood pressure-cardiovascular problems.

The Vietnam National Heart Institute under Bach Mai Hospital, over the last week, has received 20 percent more patients than on normal days.

Dr. Tran Viet Luc, head of the Central Geriatric Hospital’s Medical Examination Faculty said the elderly suffer body water shortages and pneumonia due to prolonged hot weather, so latent diseases such as high-blood pressure and cardiovascular were striking.

Dr. Ta Huu Anh, deputy head of the hospital’s intensive care unit, said patients suffering high blood pressure should take daily medicine under doctor’s guidance as a precaution against strokes.

However, the doctor said many patients above 65 ignored doctor’s guidance and only took medicine when they felt ill.

The National Paediatrics Hospital saw an increasing number of patients over the last few days, hospital deputy director Tran Minh Dien said, with most patients suffering from respiratory problems, diarrhea and viruses.

Children’s Hospital in Hai Phong City reported an increased number of encephalitis patients with 58 cases since early May against a total 130 cases in 2015.

“Children who get encephalitis children on hot days are aged from 5 to 10. Parents easily mistake the signs of encephalitis for sunstroke,” Dr Hoang Ngoc Anh of the hospital warned.

But, Anh said doctors haven’t determined what virus caused encephalitis in the area.

“We are working with experts from the Hanoi-based National Hospital of Tropical Diseases, and from Britain’s Oxford University to find the cause of encephalitis,” said Dr. Hoang Ngoc Anh.

The hospital reported 600 children came to the clinic every day, of which 100 were hospitalised for treatment.

In the south, HCM City Tropical Diseases Hospital reported an encephalitis-affected child died in late May, the first Neisseria meningitidis bacterium case in the city this year.

HCM City Children’s Hospital No.1 has seen an increasing number of patients with Japanese encephalitis and meningitis in recent days.

HCM City’s Health Department reported that over the last week, there were 148 hand-foot-mouth disease cases, an increase by 10 percent against previous weeks.

Doctors have warned adults to keep children in airy homes during hot days, avoid bathing in the sea from 10am-4pm, vaccinate fully and maintain a clean living area.-VNA