The bronze casting products of the Phuong Duc bronze casting village in the central city of Hue have been declared a “collective marks” by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

The move not only brings fame to the village’s bronze casting products, but also develops earning potential for the bronze casting establishments.

According to Nguyen Van Nhan, Chairman of the Association of Bronze Casting Villages in Hue city, the city now has 50 bronze casting establishments, mainly located in Phuong Duc and annually producing over 20 billion VND (936,800 USD) in revenue.

Phuong Duc is famous for its bronze bell casting, which possesses a secret ratio of tin, lead and zinc and has been passed down through 14 generations.

Many famous products such the Big Bell, the Thien Mu pagoda, numerous bronze pans and bronze fringes in the Royal Palace, nine cannons in front of the Southern Gate, and particularly the Nine Dynastic Urns with 162 sculptures each, have all been casted by craftsmen in Phuong Duc.

Phuong Duc also produces a wide range of commercial products such as Buddhist statues, statues of prominent leaders and businessmen, and drums, which are famous across the nation thanks to master craftsmen like Nguyen Van Sinh and Nguyen Van De.

Collective marks provide a useful basis for association between various small and medium-sized businesses, making similar products, helping them enhance recognition and build a reputation for their products.-VNA